Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

This error occurs when Company details are missing from ConnectWise or Xero.

Error Text:  Error Updating Xero: Object reference not se to an instance of an object.


Information you'll need

1. Invoice number/Purchase order number & relating company name from relevant invoice/purchase order in ConnectWise that has caused the error.

Steps to take

Need to check that the company details in Connectwise match the company details in Xero.

From the Company details screen in ConnectWise follow these steps:

1.1 Check that the Primary Contact has been selected. 

Example of Primary Contact not selected.

1.2 Fill in the contact details manually & click Save or assign Primary Contact from the picker (magnifying glass)

2.1 From the Company Finance screen check that the Billing Contact has been selected.

2.2 Fill in contact details manually & click Save or assign Billing Contact from the picker (magnifying glass)

2.3 Check the Vendor Xref and the Tax ID are populated with the companies ABN

From the Contacts screen in Xero, click into the relevant company & follow these steps:

3.1 Click on Edit

3.2 Fill in or change any details that arent matching or missing compared to the same ConnectWise company details & click Save

From the Purchase Order screen in ConnectWise follow these steps:

4.1 In ConnectWise un-receive the PO in the Purchase tab of the Purchase Order by un-ticking the check box, then click Save

4.2 In the Products tab of the Purchase order un-receive all the products by clicking into them individually (changing them back to Open). Un-tick the check box, delete the Packing Slip, delete the Received Qty & Save

5.1 Go into the ConnectWise Accounting Interface screen & click on the Open Batches tab

5.2 Enter the Purchase Order number with asterisks on both sides & click Search

5.3 If the PO Batch appears click Delete

6.1 Go back into the Purchase Order screen, refresh the screen by clicking Search & then re-receive all products in the Products tab, closing the Purchase Order

7.1 Re-sync the PO to Xero