Resolved in 2018.4.


The tax component of Purchase Order lines accumulate when Open Batches for that Purchase Order are deleted. This results in an adjustment on re-batch to the Accounting Package:

If the adjustment is greater than the amount nominated in the Wise-Sync Company Setting Limit Adjustments Amount, this will result in the following adjustment error:

How do we know?

It was reported through our partner network that due to a PO needing to be re-batched through to the Accounting Package, that an Adjustment Error was occurring without changing anything.

We were able to replicate the problem, via the following steps:

  1. Create a purchase order
  2. Receive all lines on the order - we are going to force the adjustment for PACKINGSLIP1
  3. Batch to Xero - note the tax component of PACKINGSLIP1 - $777.60
  4. Delete the Batch. Notice the Tax Component for PACKINGSLIP1 has accumulated by the tax component of PACKINGSLIP2 $2.40
  5. Update 2nd line (in this example, we added serial numbers)
  6. Re-batch to Xero. Notice the adjustment of $2.40

What are we doing about it?

Immediate Workaround

Option 1 - Re-sync the Purchase Order without tax.

  • Unreceive goods
  • Untick the PO header option to apply tax to taxable products
  • Re-receive goods
  • Re-sync

Option 2 - Sync again with the Wise-Sync Company Setting Limit Adjustments Amount set to zero.

Long Term Solution

The issue was reported to ConnectWise and resolved in v2018.4.