ConnectWise 'CreateBatch' returned an error: System.Data.Syntax.ErrorException: Missing Operand after 'S' operator. at

An error results in ConnectWise where a Packing SlipID or an Inventory Adjustment ID includes the character '.

As the ' is used to define a string in the batch, the use of this character breaks the operation of the batch create process, resulting in a big red error.

To fix the issue:

1. Identify the Offending Record via the Accounting Interface > Unposted Procurements

  • If the record is a Purchase Order - Packing SlipID: Simply open the PO and Items, to remove the ' from the packing SlipID
  • If the record is an Inventory Adjustment - A support ticket needs to be opened to request that the ' is removed from the record as this cannot be done through the UI.
    Have ConnectWise support refer to Ticket Reference: 5594498 for process and actions required.
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