Wise-Sync: Version 4.3.22 Release Notes


Hot Fix Release:

  • #1359: Wise-Pay > QBO > Invoice Cache Fails to Update With Error "Non-static method requires a target" (1st March 2017)
  • #1356: Wise-Sync > QBO > Unable to Perform QBO Connection Test for a New Company (23rd Feb 2017)

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Release date: 15th February 2017

Issues Fixed:

  • #1328: Wise-Sync > BootStrapped theme > Change Main Menus for new navigation areas

Internal Fixes:

  • #1387: Wise-Sync > Sign Up Flow > Incorrect Tax Code being set (28th March 2017)
  • #1375: Wise-Sync > Notifications > System Allows Notifications Without Recipients to be Created (14th March 2017)
  • #1361: Wise-Sync > Wise-Pay Subscription Add-on > Does not re-calculate the AMEX Surcharge (14th March 2017)
  • #1366: Wise-Sync > Subscription Invoice > Description Shows "Addon" for Wise-Pay and Alternate Merchant Add-ons (14th March 2017)
  • #1367: Wise-Sync > Subscription Invoice > System Only Caters for 2 Addons (14th March 2017)

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