This error is returned where the Tax Code being provided '{Tax Code}' is not setup in your accounting system, (QBO / Xero)

Note: If the error returned is '' and no tax code is listed, then that would indicate that ConnectWise has not passed through a Tax Code (at all - the value is blank). A tax code must always be provided to create a record in your accounting package.

To resolve: 

Wise-Sync Tax Levels set to GL Entries

  • Create a new Tax Code in your accounting system for 0% Rate, this will be used to pass through GL Level Taxes (which are pre-calculated).

If Wise-Sync Tax Levels set to "Group" or "Tax Level"

  • Ensure that our tax codes as created in ConnectWise have been created in Xero / QBO. You will need to ensure that the tax code calculates the same taxes as per the setup in ConnectWIse.