Reported: The issue has been reported to ConnectWise.

Version Affected

ConnectWise Manage Version v2018.5.

This will affect all cloud partners and any on-premise partners that have upgraded to this version.


Despite having 6 Tax Levels configured, a 7th Tax Level is being exported from ConnectWise if Avalara Integration is in use. On sync, this results in the error below:

How do we know?

In ConnectWise, only 6 Tax Levels are configured

The XML extract from ConnectWise contains a 7th Level and appears that there is no tax code applied to the invoice:

What have we done about it?

We have logged a ticket with ConnectWise. 

This is related to (Solution Provided) Known Issue - Invoice Tax Levels Mismatched and inconsistently applied.

You may request updates to this ticket and advise if you are affected by this issue: 

ConnectWise Ticket: #10889162

Date Reported: 28th August, 2018


28 August 2018Ticket logged with ConnectWise.

ConnectWise acknowledge receipt of issue.
14 September 2018 Working with ConnectWise, who are unable to replicate the problem.