On the 24th of October, 2014, all bit.ly links are displaying as a warning indicating that the site your are linking through to may contain malware. This is not a specific link check, but more that a large number of internet no-gooders are hiding their wares of ill-repute behind bit.ly links.

View the Google Safe Browsing Notice for bit.ly

I'm sure that bit.ly and google will sort it out, but for the interim, you can rest-assured that the links contained throughout our Knowledgebase and links from common error messages are all safe to click through to.

To access any of the bit.ly links on our site 

1. Click on the Details Links

2. Click on the "Visit this unsafe site"

Wise-Sync.com only represents that the links contained within our site are authored by us and directed to our site which is hosted on the uservoice.com platform.

If you have any concerns regarding bit.ly links and you would rather search the knowledgebase directly, the following links will take you to the key content repositories.

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