Wise-Sync: Version 4.3.19 Release Notes

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Hot Fix Releases:

  • #1226: Wise-Sync > ConnectWise Version v2017.2 (8th November 2016)
  • #1218: Wise-Sync > Remove "ExcludeRecords" Parameter For CW 2016.1+ (2nd November 2016)
  • #1217: Wise-Sync > Sync Error When Batch ID Contains Ampersand (2nd November 2016)
  • #1153: Wise-Sync > Onboarding > Duplicate Tickets Created Via Project Callback (2nd November 2016)

Release date: 26th November 2016

Issues Fixed:

  • #1117: Wise-Sync > Proposed Consulting Services > Billing Enhancements

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Wise-Pay Version Release Notes are listed here: Wise-Pay Version Release Notes

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