Wise-Sync: Version 4.6.3 Release Notes

Release Date - 17th January, 2019


  • We've added support for ConnectWise v2019.2.
  • There was an issue syncing products and service items from Autotask to Quickbooks Online if the item name exceeded QBO's character limit set on that field.

Release Date - 31st December, 2018


  • There was an issue syncing invoices from Autotask to Quickbooks Online, for customers not using the QBO AST feature.

Release Date - 27th December, 2018

Whoa!! Loads to cover for this release!

  1. Subscription Management
  2. ConnectWise Partner - Request to Action
  3. Autotask Revenue Allocation Mapping
  4. Autotask Tax Handling
  5. Other Updates

Subscription Management - Add-on and Support Plan Management

We've made improvements to how you can manage your Subscription in Wise-Sync. This is version 1 of implementing subscription management for the new pricing structure with plans to iterate progressively over the next few months. 

This release allows you to manage the number of Companies (ConnectWise Only), Invoices, Expense Connect Mappings (ConnectWise Only) and Support Plan you are subscribed to.

How do I manage my Subscription?

As an Account Administrator, login to Wise-Sync and navigate to Account > Plan, Add-Ons & Consulting.  Wise-Sync will detail your subscription for the current billing month. The items included in your plan, are listed under the Base Plan heading, followed by anything that is additional to the base plan.

Should you wish to manage the number of Companies (ConnectWise Only), Invoices, Expense Connect Mappings (ConnectWise Only) and Support Plan you are subscribed to, click Modify under the Base Plan heading. Wise-Sync will then guide you through managing that part of your subscription.

Upgrades to your subscription (for example, upgrading to Enhanced Support or increasing your Invoice limit) will be charged immediately and are effective as soon as payment has been confirmed.

Any downgrades made to your subscription (for example, decreasing your Invoice limit) will be removed from your subscription at the end of the billing month. This means, if you decrease your invoice limit this month (for example), the decreased Invoice limit doesn't come into affect, until your next billing month. Downgrades won't be reflected on the Plan, Add-Ons & Consulting until the next billing month.

If your plan doesn't include Wise-Pay, you are able to make a request, which will notify our team to get in touch with you to get the ball rolling.

There's still a bit of work to do to improving your user experience when it comes to managing your subscription, mainly around requesting consulting services and changing plans altogether.

How do I request consulting or change plans?

From Plan, Add-Ons & Consulting, click Change Plan. You will be navigated to a page that will allow you to tell us what you wish to change. Once you've completed the questionnaire, click Send Feedback to submit your request.

If you're not sure about what answers to provide in the questionnaire, click here to view the Plans & Pricing page on our website for more information about our plans and add-ons. Alternatively, add your queries under Additional Comments and we'll be happy to work with you in choosing the right solution for you, once you've submitted your request.

Wise-Sync for ConnectWise 

ConnectWise Partners - Please take action

In preparation of our move to ConnectWise's REST API, we are asking that our customers update their Wise-Sync User Accounts, with their ConnectWise Member API credentials. We ask that this is done at your earliest convenience.

Instructions on how to do this can be found in our knowledge base - FAQ - How to create REST API Keys for a ConnectWise Member.

If you require any assistance, please contact support@wise-sync.com.

Wise-Sync for Autotask Updates

Revenue Account Mappings

We've introduced a hierarchy of Revenue Account Mappings, so that you have greater control of how your invoices are posted to the General Ledger.

How do I configure it?

Account Administrators can navigate to the Wise-Sync Company to configure Account Mappings.

Account Mapping Level

Choose from the hierarchy of Account Mappings below. The lower in the hierarchy you choose to map, the more granular your Revenue Account Mappings will be. The level set here will also be the level Wise-Sync will fail at, should it find a discrepancy in your mappings during the sync process.

Level 1 - Default Revenue Account

Revenue will be posted to this account, if no other mappings are matched / defined.

Level 2 - Invoice Transaction Type

Revenue will be posted to any Invoice Transaction type that you map.

Level 3 - Billing Code

Revenue will be posted to any Billing Code that you map.

Level 4 - Dynamic

Revenue will be posted to the invoice line Billing Code's Billing/Accounting External Number, if it's configured. This level isn't mapped in Wise-Sync, rather, it will pick up the External Number configured against the Billing Code in Autotask.

Account Mapping Handling

Choose how Wise-Sync will handle your Account Mappings.


If Wise-Sync cannot make a match at the level selected as the Account Mapping Level, the sync will fail and display an error reporting a mismatch.

Example: Account Mapping Level is set to Dynamic. If your invoice contains a Billing Code with a missing/unknown External Number, the sync will fail, prompting you to correct the mismatch.


If Wise-Sync cannot match an account that has been mapped, it will be fall back to the higher Account Mapping Levels.

Example: Account Mapping Level is set to Dynamic. If your invoice contains a Billing Code with a missing/unknown External Number, fallback to an Account Level Mapping that can match. That is, in this example, Wise-Sync will fallback to find any mapped Billing Codes, followed by Invoice Transaction Type. If Wise-Sync hasn't fount a matching mapping at that point, the app will fallback to the Default Revenue Account.

How do I map my accounts?

Click Add Mapping

Select the Autotask Billing Code/Invoice Transaction Type, then map it to a GL Account from your Accounting Package.

Improved Tax Handling

We've improved the way we're posting Invoice Tax to your accounting package.

Issues were resolved where we weren't accurately applying tax to invoices since tax was being applied at an invoice level, rather than at line level. Tax applied to invoice lines, based on how your Tax Regions are configured in Autotask.

We also fixed issues where we weren't handling invoices that were Tax Exempt.

Other Updates

  • Some updates were made to improve how we do things internally.
  • Some updates were made in preparation for ConnectWise's updates to their API.
  • Some updates were made in preparation for Autotask's updates to their API.

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