Mapped Reference Fields in Xero

We do map the reference field in xero to ConnectWise In both instances for Invoices and Purchase Orders, we map the information that is either:

A) Commonly used by our (your) accounts team to find the invoice in Xero.

B) Required by the customer for their AP

The following is added to the reference field in CW where the following exists (or has been entered in ConnectWise):

Standard Invoice

PO Number > Reference: "Your: [PO Number]"

How the Invoice appears in CW:

How the invoice appears to the client when emailed from CW:

How the invoice appears in Xero Sales once Synced and if you drill into it:

How your invoice appears to the client if emailed from Xero:

Project / Agreement Invoice 
Project > Reference: "Project: [Project Name]"

Agreement > Reference: Your: [Agreement purchase Order]

How the agreement appears in CW:

How the agreement invoice appears in CW:

How the Agreement Invoice looks to the client when emailed from CW:

Note: These were the fields that were exposed in the API, as not all reference fields are exposed through the Accounting Interface

Purchase Order:
Vendor Invoice Number > Reference : [Vendor Invoice Number] | [PO Number]

How the PO appears in CW:

How the PO appears from Awaiting Payment in Xero:

Note: If either of the additional reference fields are not used for the record, then it will not add the additional details, such as the | or the "Your:" to the reference.

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