Applies to ConnectWise Version v2014.5 or later.

ConnectWise will now send through details from the Time records saved in version v2014.5, and will allow for information to be included on the invoice in Xero.

There are three levels of time detail:

  • Standard - Display only the "Service" line for each GL Mapping Level
  • Summary - Display the Ticket Number and Summary, with the amount sub-totalled for each ticket
  • Detail - Display all of the ticket (time entry details).
    At this time there is no formatting options for the details provided by ConnectWise through the API.

Note: The service details will only appear for time entries created after the update of the ConnectWise server to version 2014.5, time entries created before this date will default back to "Service" regardless of the setting selected in Wise-Sync.