Procurement in ConnectWIse can be a very powerful part of the process in ConnectWise, providing that you understand the way in which ConnectWise will create records, and prepare them to be sent to the Accounting Interface.

There are three key principals, that you need to be aware of:

  1. ConnectWise will group all purchases by the Packing Slip ID
  2. Only records that are closed, will be available to sync through the Accounting Interface.
  3. That ConnectWise only provides for ONE field for the Vendor(Vendor) invoice, including the Vendor Invoice Date.

Wise-Sync, together with our MSP Partner Virage IT, have designed a process that can be used to maximise ConnectWise, by mapping through the "Supplier-Invoice" product added to the Purchase Order in ConnectWise to your accounting package.

Here is the overview of the process:

1. Create a new Category / Sub Category (If required) for informational products

2. Create a new Product called "Supplier-Invoice"