How to enable API Logging (Detailed Logging)

API Logging (Detailed Logging or Stack Trace) will assist in the troubleshooting of issues arising from data returned from ConnectWise.

The feature will store details of the call to and results from your ConnectWise Server.  During the logging process data will be stored on Wise-Sync servers.  

Please Note: Passwords are encrypted for your protection.  

What is API Logging

This feature provides xml data on the record you are try to sync which helps to determine errors in the record.

Enabling API Logging

  1. Log into Wise-Sync
  2. Click Account
  3.  Click the Options Tab
  4. Tick: ConnectWise API Call Detailed Logging enabled
  5. Click Save

Recommended Use

It is recommended to ONLY enable 'ConnectWise API Call Detailed Logging enabled' when you are experiencing an issue.  Once you have captured the information from the sync or your issue is resolved, it is recommended to turn ConnectWise API Logging off.


Please note, this is an example, where API Logging is enabled and helps support & developers to determine where some errors occurs, you are not expected to look at the XML files.

  1. Receive an error when syncing a record
  2. Turn on API Logging (refer to steps above)
  3. Sync records
  4. Click Sync Results

  5. Click the 'i' icon to view the xml files

    The below information is for support & developers, Wise-Sync User's do not need to obtain XML files.

  6. Copy the information for xml result

  7. Paste the xml result into a xml reader for optimal results.


If on SOAP, use XML grid. If on REST, use JSON grid.

Additional Resources

JSON Grid: 

XML Reader:

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