Xero Validation Error: Due Dates cannot be more than 999 days after the invoice date.

Xero: Known Issue - In Product Development for Fix

Last Update: 1st January, 2014 (US EST: 10:30am)
Xero have confirmed that the issue is isolated to where a contact has had the "Terms" updated on the contact record in Xero. Wise-Sync does not set the terms contact details in Xero, so this issue has been downgraded to an Error. Refer to the resolution steps blow to correct this issue.

Update: 31st December, 2014 (US EST: 14:30pm). Partners are advised that an interim resolution is to update the terms XRef of the billing terms to 1, so that the invoice will post to Xero. Once the issue has been resolved, the settings can be returned to those set prior to the issue being reported.

An error has been reported where Xero Customer Terms are set to 0 Days.

NOTE: This article only applies if you have manually updated the Billing Terms for a Contact in Xero, to 0 Days after the bill date.

To resolve this issue

In Xero, remove the Biling Terms for customers who's invoices are not posting due to this error. Wise-Sync will automatically set the Billing Terms for each invoice and Purchase Order based on the settings in ConnectWise.

  1. Log into Xero
  2. Click on the Contacts Menu, and search for the contact for the invoice which is failing to post to Xero.
  3. Click on your Edit Financial menu from the list.
  4. Scroll down to view the Billing Terms Set for the Contact
  5. Remove the Billing Terms by deleting the value and click Save.

Once you have saved the settings, The record will now sync without error.

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