ConnectWise REST API

ConnectWise are moving in the process of building REST APIs to replace their traditional SOAP APIs.

We are aware that ConnectWise plan to depreciate their SOAP APIs at the end of the year (we don't have an actual date for this yet).

What does this mean?

The way Wise-Sync interacts with ConnectWise's APIs need to change.

To prepare for this change, all users that need to Sync will need to update their Wise-Sync User Account with a set of API Keys generated in ConnectWise for each Member.

Looking for More information?

Further information and answers to common questions are available from the following - FAQ - More information about ConnectWise REST API Keys

For troubleshooting REST API Credential Issues, refer to known issue:  Known Issue - Unable to test connection to REST API Key when PSA Site is using the API Endpoint .

What do I need to do?

1. Generate the Keys in ConnectWise

  1. Go to System > Members > click the Member ID to edit Member Details
  2. Click on the API Keys tab > click Add New item icon
  3. Enter Wise-Sync in the Description Field
  4. Click SAVE (Public Key and Private Key will be generated).

Important: Store the Public and Private Keys for each member generated in your password management system. You can only view the Private Key once, after it's been generated.

2. Add the Keys to the person's Wise-Sync User Account

Read up on how to add the keys at Configure Wise-Sync User Accounts (see ConnectWise API Member tab)