GLEntryRecIdList is empty

GLEntryRecIdList is empty.

Error Text: Error updating record batch. CW "Update Batch" returned an error. GLEntryRedList is empty, there is nothing to update and could not undo change in Xero.

For Error: ConnectWise has returned an incomplete record for PO > See also KB: 446993 for more options for resolution.


Information you'll need..

One of the reasons this error can occur is if you have set your PO to a future date. If so un-receive the PO & change the date to a past or current date. If the error still occurs delete the entire PO & re-create it from scratch, this will clear it out. You can do this by following the below steps.

1. Purchase order number that has caused the error in ConnectWise.

Steps to take

From the Purchase Order screen in ConnectWise follow these steps:

1.1 In ConnectWise un-receive the PO in the Purchase tab of the Purchase Order by un-ticking the check box, then click Save

1.2 In the Products tab of the Purchase order un-receive all the products by clicking into them individually (changing them back to Open). Un-tick the check box, delete the Packing Slip, delete the Received Qty & Save

2. Go into the ConnectWise Accounting Interface screen & click on the Open Batches tab

2.1 Enter the Purchase Order number with asterisks on both sides & click Search

2.2 If the PO Batch appears click Delete

3.1 Go back into the Purchase Order screen, then from the Products tab refresh the screen by clicking Search 

3.2 Now that all the products have been changed back to Open you can go into each line & delete the Products

4.1 When all the products have been deleted you can delete the PO from the Purchase tab

5.1 Create a new PO from scratch

5.2 Re-sync the PO to Xero

Although this error can usually be fixed by deleting the Purchase Order & re-entering it. If the sync still shows an error after the above process has been completed correctly you can also try following the steps in the Sync Article: An Item has a blank sales account number (for PO's).

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